University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: BL02-016. 'On above' refers to "Mr Otto Kong Sing's Yacht 'The Tomtit'" in the previous photograph in this album (i.e. BL02-015). See BL02-015 and BL02-019. This photograph is from an album entitled "Chronicle of a Tour of Pelissier's Follies". "Pelissier's Follies" was a theatre troupe set up by the English producer H.G. Pelissier. The group toured Asia in 1911 including stops at Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tianjin.  The Eurasian Chinese Otto Kong Sing (1871-1917) was a solicitor in Hong Kong.  Otto Kong Sing is second from the left in the back row.  The captain of 'The Tomtit' is in front of him.

Caption on mount
Feb. 26 1911 / Our party on above. Mr Kong Sing +
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Sunday 26 February 1911
Black and white photograph