Jocelyn, William

The Honourable William Nassau JOCELYN (1832-1892), diplomat and amateur photographer, was born in Brighton, England, the youngest son of the third Earl of Roden. Attached to Lord Elgin’s mission to China, Jocelyn arrived in Shanghai on 28 July 1858, and left on 28 January 1859, also spending a few weeks in Japan in August. In October 1858, Jocelyn notably photographed a set of portraits at the British Consulate, Shanghai, including Chinese Imperial Commissioners. In September 1858, and between 1 January and 28 January 1859, Jocelyn photographed elsewhere in Shanghai. Jocelyn is credited with taking the first photograph in Hankow (Hankou, Wuhan). VH01-056 and VH02-080 are portraits of William Jocelyn. See History of Photography in China, 1842-1860 by Terry Bennett, pages 129-139.