Tianxinghao (天興號) tea shop, Huizhou District (徽州区), Huangshan City (黄山市)

Tianxinghao (天興號) tea shop, Huizhou District (徽州区), Huangshan City (黄山市)


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: GJ01-015. The name of the tea shop is on the sign directly above the door: 天興號 (Tianxinghao). The tall sign outside the shop advertises the shop’s wares: 徽州天興號本客自製各省諸品名茶一概發行. This can be translated as: The Huizhou Tianxinghao sells famous teas of different qualities from various provinces. The two other Chinese terms on the boards above the shop are, on the left 鳳髓 (Fengsui) and, on the right 龍團 (Longtuan). These are names of high quality teas, often mentioned in classic Chinese poetry, for example「老龍團,真鳳髓,點將來」by Sushi. Huizhou District (徽州区), Huangshan City (黄山市), Anhui Province, was previously known as Hweichow, Anhwei Province. Also outside the shop are a telegraph/electric cable pole, a pedestrian, a small stone lion, a stone marker numbered 3, a stone equine mounting block, a lamp and an Imperial dragon flag.



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