Wu Yue (吳樾) - a would-be assassin, killed by his own bomb, Beijing

Wu Yue (吳樾) - a would-be assassin, killed by his own bomb, Beijing


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: GJ02-39. An X seems to have been written in the album at a later under photographs with distressing content. This is a photograph of the body of Wu Yue (Wu Yueh 吳樾), a revolutionary/anarchist/terrorist bomber/suicide bomber, who attacked a delegation of five government ministers on 24 September 1905, while they were leaving Peking (Beijing) on a special train for a tour abroad to observe constitutional monarchies. The suicide bomber was instantly killed, and his hideously mangled body was photographed. Later the image was occasionally and erroneously said to depict the result of a lingchi execution, with captions such as 'hacked in piece'. The caption on this post card would more accurately be 'A would-be assassin, killed by his own bomb'. Source: http://turandot.chineselegalculture.org/Photographs.php?ID=546&CF=1. See Pe-s04 (same image, reproduced on a post card).

Caption in album or on mount





Sunday 24 September 1905




Black and white photograph

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