List of people in He-s02 (The Kiungchow Customs staff, 1898)

List of people in He-s02 (The Kiungchow Customs staff, 1898)


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: He-s03. This list is on the back of a photo in a folder of loose prints (UoB reference He-s) kept in the School of Oriental and African Studies Archives, London (SOAS reference PP MS 82/16). See He-s02 (the photograph of the I.M.C.S. staff at Kiunghchow, Hainan, 1898). See also He01-054. I.M.C.S. = Imperial Maritime Customs Service.

Caption in album or on mount

Staff Group I.M. Customs Kiungchow, Hainan 1898. 1. Boatman no. 1 2. Weigher 3. Weigher 4. Office Boy 5. W. Pruchtnow, 2nd Class Tidewaiter 6. H. Atkinson Lightkeeper 7. R. Henkel Assistant Examiner 8. T. Shirdan 1st Class Tidewaiter 9. W. Forsaith Tidesurveyor 10. Dr J.H. Lowry Senior Assistant 11. R.F.C. Hedgeland Junior Assistant 12. Sung Ying-ch'un Chinese Clerk 13. Office Boy 14. Lü Chieh-ch'am Shupan 15. Tung Lin Writer (my teacher) 16. Office Boy 17. Shên chin-k'un 18. Chun Kang-fêng Postal Clerk 19. Boatman No. 2 20. Tai T'in-pui Clerk 21. Chan Shen w'o Clerk 22. J.F. Schoenicke Commissioner










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