Albany Filter Beds (water purification), Hong Kong

Albany Filter Beds (water purification), Hong Kong


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: KA-s10. A coloured post card. The Albany Filter Beds were built in 1888 and demolished in 1954. The structure included a vaulted underground water storage chamber. The ‘slow sand’ method of filtering water was developed by British civil engineer James Simpson (1799-1869) in 1829. Slow sand filtration includes a slimy ‘schmutzdecke’ of algae, plankton and bacteria etc, above a sand bed, which purifies the water by natural processes. See ( See also FH01-308.

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The Peak, Hongkong / Specially made for: The Graeco Egyptian Tobacco Store, Hongkong / No. 5


Hong Kong

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