Armoured and camouflarged train, during the ‘Shanghai Incident’

Armoured and camouflarged train, during the ‘Shanghai Incident’


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: PC-s081. This photograph, dated 2nd February 1932, was taken for the French news agency 'Trampus'. The caption on the back of the print states that this is a Chinese military armoured camouflaged train sent to Shanghai to aid the relief of retreating Chinese soldiers, during the ‘Shanghai Incident’. The skirmish, usually referred to as the ‘January 28 Incident’ or ‘Shanghai Incident’ lasted from 28 January to 3 March 1932, in and around Shanghai. The locomotive, number not visible, has some features suggesting that it might be a modified ALCO 2-6-2 tank locomotive, one of 26 which were built in 1907 and later loaned by the South Manchuria Railway to the Siping-Taonan (四平- 洮南) Railway.


Tuesday 2 February 1932




Black and white photograph


P.A. Crush Chinese Railway Collection

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