University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Ar01-030.  The Grave of Qiu Jin (秋瑾 Ch’iu Chin Fen, Xuanqing, Jingxiong), West Lake, Hangchow (Hangzhou). Qiu Jin (8 November 1875-15 July 1907) was executed after a failed uprising against the Qing Dynasty in 1907.  The writing on pillar 1 describes her as a lover of horse riding, sword practice, drinking and poetry. Pillar 2 described how her ambition was not fulfilled before she died. Pillar 3 describes that she was different from all other traditional females. Pillar 4 says that everyone in China mourned for her. It also links with pillar 5, which says that everyone had sympathy for her. The last pillar seems to imply her bravery.  Qiu Jin is a national heroine and feminist icon.  After the 1911 Revolution, a new tomb was built, see and  See Ar01-031.

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