University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: CP-s145. Alice Sophia Plant (née Peters) (1872-1921) married Cornell Plant in Bandar Bushire, Iran, in 1894. On Cornell and Alice Plant's gravestone in the Happy Valley Cemetery, Hong Kong  the inscription includes the following: "ALSO IN MEMORY OF / ALICE SOPHIA PLANT / CAPTAIN PLANT'S WIFE AND COMPANION / THROUGHOUT HIS 19 YEARS OF TOIL ON THE / DANGEROUS SECTION OF THE YANGTZE RIVER / BETWEEN ICHANG AND CHUNGKING / BORN 29TH NOVERMBER 1872 / DIED IN HONG KONG 28TH FEBRUARY 1921". In 1923, the Plant Memorial was erected on the site of Cornell and Alice Plant’s former bungalow, above the Xintan (Hsintan) Rapid, Upper Yangtze River. 

Caption on photograph
With best wishes for a good time in the old country / From Yours Sincerely / Alice Plant

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Black and white photograph