University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: He03-248. Photo from an album (UoB reference He03) kept in the School of Oriental and African Studies Archives, London (SOAS reference PP MS 82/14). Li Hongzhang (Li Hung-chang; Li Huang Chang) (1823-1901). Li, a high-ranking official of the late-Qing, played a seminal role in promoting the modernisation of China in the late nineteenth century.

Caption on mount
LI HUNG CHANG. Born 16th February 1823, at Hofei in Anhui. Died 7th November 1901. Chinese Statesman, Viceroy and Pei Yang Ta Chên. Grand Guardian of Heir Apparent. Member of the Grand Council of the Empire. Awarded the Yellow Riding Jacket. Awarded Triple Eyed Peacock Feather.

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Black and white photograph
Archives & Special Collections, SOAS Library, University of London