Sidings at Peking (Temple of Heaven) Station, Beijing, 1900

Sidings at Peking (Temple of Heaven) Station, Beijing, 1900




University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: NA06-25. From an album (WO 28/302. China. Boxer Rebellion) in The National Archives. Crown copyright image reproduced by permission of The National Archives, London, England. The National Archives give no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or fitness for purpose of the information provided. This image may be used only for purposes of research, private study or education. Applications for any other use should be made to The National Archives Image Library, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU, UK. Telephone: 020 8392 5225. Fax: 020 8392 5266. Infringement of the above condition may result in legal action. No caption for this photograph in the album. This photograph relates to the piercing of the outer Peking (Beijing) city walls adjacent to Yung Ting Men gatehouse (永定門s: 永定门 Yongdingmen),  by the railway units of the combined international expeditionary (Legations relief) forces in 1900.  A new Peking station was constructed just inside the walls along the western perimeter wall of the Temple of Heaven (天坛Tiantan). This was known for a short time as ‘Peking Station’ but subsequently as ‘Temple of  Heaven Station' when a few months later (in 1901), the foreign military authorities decided to bring the railway even closer to the city centre and extended the line to  the front gate of the Tatar (塔塔 Tata) city at Cheng Yang Mun (正陽門 s: 正阳门 Zhengyangmen) (a.k.a. Chien-men (前門 s:前门 Qianmen), as well as the construction of a branch line eastwards to Tungchou (now 通縣 s:通县Tongxian). See also NA06-04, NA06-17 and NA06-38. NA06-25 and NA06-38 placed side by side form a panoramic view.






Black and white photograph


The National Archives, London

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