University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: SB-s01. See SB-s02, SB-s03, SB-s04, SB-s05, SB-s06 and SB-s07 (which are details of SB-s01). Translation (by Tehyun Ma) of the caption on this photograph: "Photo of the Faculty and first graduating class of the Tientsin Anglo-Chinese College, 7th June 1918". Left to right (as noted by Sheila Bovell): Roy Peill (Sheila Bovell's uncle), Longman (Carl B. Longman), Freer Kelsey (Sheila Bovell's father), Connie Kelsey (Sheila Bovell's mother), Samuel Lavington-Hart, ?Eric Liddell (of Chariots of Fire fame) and A.P. Cullen. The man tentively identified by Sheila Bovell as Eric Liddell, may be one of Eric's brothers, either Robert (elder brother) or Ernest (younger brother)? Rosemary Harris (nee Peill) thinks this man may be Gerald Luxton.

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Friday 7 June 1918
Black and white photograph