University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: WC-s02. The mourning meeting for the Empress Dowager Longyu (Empress Xiaodingjing) (1868-1913), a consort of the Guangxu Emperor. See See JC-s133, JC-s135 and WC01-181.

Caption on photograph
Peking March 19 Ceremony inside the Forbidden City (now open in parts to the public. - The President is moving in to his new residence there in a day or two) on the occasion of "bowing to the portrait of the late ex-Empress Dowager. There was no "lying in state" open to the public - only the portrait. But it was a big affair all the same. Notice the 5-colour Republican flags. The people are filing in up the steps on the right & down & out on the left. Have sent a more detailed view of the same crowd to Robert.
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Tuesday 19 March 1912
Black and white photograph
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