University of Bristol – Historical Photographs of China reference number: WS01-055. Admiral Sah Cheng-ping (Sa Zhenbing) was the commander of the Qing fleet sent to supress the rebellion. See The Birth of a Republic - Francis Stafford’s Photographs of China’s 1911 Revolution and Beyond by Hanchao Lu (University of Washington Press, 2010), page 78, where a very similar image is captioned "From the roof of the Japanese consulate in Hankou foreigners are watching the street battle that followed the imperial army's counterattack on October 18, 1911". However, the building in WS01-055 is not the Japanese Consulate - which is depicted in WS01-091.

Caption on mount
Villages between Kil. 10 + the Concessions set on fire by shells from Imperialist cruisers under Admiral Sah.
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October 1911
Black and white photograph