'The Jade River' canal, Legation Quarter, Peking

'The Jade River' canal, Legation Quarter, Peking


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: BL-n012. Caption on typed list accompanying the box of negatives: '6: Photo taken from the top of the Tartar City wall, looking north'. Digitised from a negative made for a copy print. The photograph is marked with an 'X' near the bridge, and with 'XX' on the right-hand end of the bridge. The large European style building is the First Secretary's house in the British Legation. The water gate (or sluice-gate) under the wall of the Tartar City, Peking (Beijing) is in the foreground on the left. British Indian troops entered the canal through the water gate on 14th August 1900, to break the Siege of the Legations (during the Boxer Uprising). The 'Jade River Canal' is now Zhengyi Lu. See BL-n053, BL-n075, BL-n085, He03-252 and NA03-32.

Caption in album or on mount

[...] Russian Legation. English Legation. The big house is [...]. [...] through the sluice gate under here the troops entered 3am 14 Aug 1900. This photo is taken from the top of the Tartar City wall looking north. The bridge at the far end of the [...]. [...].



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