Qiaozhen (How Chen) photography studio, Guangzhou (广州)

Qiaozhen (How Chen) photography studio, Guangzhou (广州)


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: BL02-046. The sign in the centre reads: "巧真-景相写相 How Chen Photographer". The sign to the right of How Chen's reads: "[..] GENERAL STORE [...] 洋货 (...imported goods)". How Chen (Qiaozhen). The photographer’s portrait studio is notable for its glass structure, to make use of ambient daytime lighting. To the immediate right of the studio is a structure with four shutters, thought to be How Chen's darkroom. This photograph is from an album entitled "Chronicle of a Tour of Pelissier's Follies". Pelissier's Follies was a British theatre troupe set up by the English producer H.G. Pelissier. The group toured Asia in 1911 including stops at Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tianjin. See BL02-145 (which is detail of/extract from BL02-046).

Caption in album or on mount

Canton Canal. / Note quantity of Sampans. May 22 1911




Monday 22 May 1911




Black and white photograph

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