Hermann Dawson-Gröne (Dawson-Grove) with a tennis racquet, Tianjin

Hermann Dawson-Gröne (Dawson-Grove) with a tennis racquet, Tianjin


Hedgeland, Reginald




University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: He01-199. Photo from an album (UoB reference He01) kept in the School of Oriental and African Studies Archives, London (SOAS reference PP MS 82/13). Hermann Dawson-Gröne, who changed his name in 1923 to Dawson-Grove, was born on 21 August 1878 at Sunderland, England and was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, where he distinguished himself by his linguistic attainments, carrying off University prizes in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Sanskrit, and securing Honours in Classics and Modern Literature. He joined the Customs Service on 1 April 1902 as 4th Assistant, C. After two and a half years at Tientsin, he was transferred to the Inspectorate at Peking where he served as Acting Assistant Chinese Secretary for two and a half years. He was then appointed Acting Commissioner to open Kirin and remained in Manchuria in various capacities till 1 October 1911. He subsequently served at Shanghai, Harbin, Shasi (twice), Swatow, Samshui, Ichang, Newchwang, Chinkiang, and Hangchow. He was appointed Deputy Commissioner on 1 April 1921 and Commissioner on 1 March 1927. He retired from the Service on 15 October 1935. Dawson-Grove holds Civil Rank of the 4th, the 3rd and the 2nd Classes, the Order of the Double Dragon, 3rd Division, 3rd Class, and the Order of the Chia Ho, 4th Class (source: https://www.chinafamilies.net/records/chinese-maritime-customs-service/125-customs-careers/). See He01-144.

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H. Dawson-Gröne Tientsin.



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Archives & Special Collections, SOAS Library, University of London

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