Bow of the famous junk ‘Ning Po’

Bow of the famous junk ‘Ning Po’


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: JC-s455. An image on a post card printed by George Rice & Sons, Los Angeles, USA. This three-masted ship was built of ironwood and camphor in Fuzhou (Foochow) in 1753 and named ‘Kin Tai Foong’ (The Golden Typhoon). Over many years, the fast, strong and well-equipped junk was used as a smuggler, slave trader, prison ship and for martial purposes. W.M. Milne of Pasadena purchased the notorious junk and it sailed to USA, arriving in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, in 1913. The junk was used as a restaurant and for tourism, eventually mooring in Catalina Harbour, South Catalina Island, where it was burned in 1935.This photograph might have been taken in Hong King. See ‘Gum Saan Journal, December 1979 ( and See JC-s457, JC-s459, JC-s461.

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Bow of old historic Chinese Junk “NING-PO,” famous smuggler from the Yellow Sea. / Copyright by W.M. Milne / Joe Jacobo. Mar. 44

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