Margaret Wang Song and Song Faxiang

Margaret Wang Song and Song Faxiang


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Mx01-188. Cadbury Research Library archive finding number: DA26/2/2/4 (John Preston Maxwell Papers). On the right, Song Faxiang (宋發祥) who went by the name Fartsan T. Sung (Far-san T. Sung; Far T. Sung).  He was born in Hinghua, Fukien in 1883 and educated at Ohio Wesleyan University and the University of Chicago. Song Faxiang returned to China in 1907 to become a professor of Chemistry at the Peking government University and entered the Civil Service. From 1912 he was in the Finance ministry, and in 1920-1923 he was head of the government press office. One of the founders of the Sino-Scandinavian Bank, and from 1924 was managing director of the Peking Head Office. Song Faxiang and Margaret Wong were married in 1935. Margaret Wong had been in charge of the psychopathic hospital of the Peking Union Medical College. Song Faxiang was Consul-General in the Netherland Indies and was appointed Consul-General to South Africa in 1938.

Caption on photograph

To Dr. & Mrs. J. Preston Maxwell / With Kindest Personal Regards, / From / Margaret Wong Sung. / 9th Jan. 1940.

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Cadbury Research Library (Special Collections), University of Birmingham

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