Sampans on the Xi Xi river, Fujian province

Sampans on the Xi Xi river, Fujian province


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Mx04-097. Cadbury Research Library archive finding number: DA26/2/2/3 (John Preston Maxwell Papers). This image is on a post card captioned ANKHOE RIVER. Ankhoe or An-ki or Anki is now Anxi. Printed on the back of the post card: "THIS SPACE, AS WELL AS THE BACK MAY NOW BE USED FOR COMMUNICATION." This dates the manufacture of the post card to about 1907.  The message written on the post card is in the handwriting of Dr John Preston Maxwell.

Caption in album or on mount

The Ankhoe river and river boats

Caption on photograph

To dear Mother / With best wishes for Christmas & a happy New Year / from the Yungchun trio / Nov 1914.

Estimated Date





Tinted photograph


Cadbury Research Library (Special Collections), University of Birmingham

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