University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: BL-n033. Caption on typed list accompanying the box of negatives: '16: Zita and crew gun'. Digitised from a negative made for a copy print. Defenders pose with the 'International Gun' used during the siege of the Legations and located behind the entrance to the British Legation compound. The 'International Gun' (also known as 'Old Betsy', 'Boxer Bill', 'Old Crock' and the 'Empress Dowager'), was put together from an old cannon and other parts during the siege of the Legation Quarter, Peking (Beijing). The cannon is now in storage at the US Naval Academy Museum, Annapolis, Maryland, United States. Second from the right: the American gunner Sergeant Mitchell USN, who had resourcefully mounted the old cannon muzzle on a set of wheels belonging to an Italian gun. See NA05-04.

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