Group at the Tomb of the Princess, Beijing, 1900

Group at the Tomb of the Princess, Beijing, 1900


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Ca01-074. The Tomb of the Princess Fuhui, also known as the Tomb of Foshou Gongzhu (‘Imperial Maiden with the Buddha Hand’), the place called Erzha (‘Second Lock’), in the suburbs of Peking (Beijing). Some names are hard to read on the album page and may be misspelled here. Bertram Lenox Simpson (Putnam Weale) is standing on the left, wearing turban-like headwear and holding a gun. Kathleen Carrall is the taller woman standing at the back.

Caption in album or on mount

“Princess Tomb” May 1900. Peking. / Mr Richardson / Mr Von Rautenfeld / Mr Simpson / Mr Wintour / Mr Wagner / Mr & Mrs Brewitt Taylor. / Miss Giperick. / Mr Von Strauch. / Mr Bethell. / Elsa Drew / Mrs & Miss Bredon. / Mr Saundercock. / Miss Myers. / Miss Brazier / Effie Ragsdale / Mr. Saurie. / Mrs Brazier / Mr. de Luca.




May 1900




Black and white photograph


Special Collections, Queen’s University Belfast

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