University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Ca01-095. Lieutenants C. Mackenzie (left) and J. A. Moreton (right) on board the Chinese naval vessel 'Hailong', which they had seized during the assault on Chinese defences at Taku on 17 June 1900. See Ca01-078 for the caption as printed in a magazine (Lieut. and Commander C. Mackenzie of the 'Whiting', who boarded the 'Hai Ching' is on the right and Lieut. J.A. Moreton, who boarded the 'Hai Lung' in a ship's boat with twelve men, is leaning against the compass pedestal.) Right/left error. Mackenzie is on the left. Taku Forts or Peiho Forts (Tanggu).

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Black and white photograph
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