University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Ep02-136. The black column includes large characters in seal script and, to the right, smaller characters which include 德 de = virtue; 生 sheng = generate; give birth to; 光 guang = light; 生 sheng = generate, give birth to. On the white banner are black characters, which seem to be, from top to bottom, either 国艺刻 guo yi ke (country/nation, art, carve/engrave) or 園艺刻 yuan yi ke (garden, art, carve/engrave). On the scroll depicting a fruit tree in blossom, the beginning of the first column on the left, from top to bottom, might be: 豹?岺仁凭大人. This could be translated as: 岺 ling = mountain peak; 仁 ren = benevolence, humanity; 凭? ping= rely on, evidence; 大人 daren = great person, adult.

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Black and white photograph