University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: GV-s15. This photograph would most probably have been taken between 17 August 1945 and around the end of September 1945. The Wei-Hsien (Weihsien, Weixian) internment camp had previously been a large American Presbyterian mission compound known by the Chinese name of 'Courtyard of the Happy Way' (乐道院). The tower flying the American flag in this photograph was the bell tower of the main building. See Wikipedia. See GV-s17.

Caption on mount
Weihsien. China 17 Aug 1945 / The Americans relieved our Camp - (Civil Assembly Centre or Internment Camp) / Every week after that for 6 weeks they barrel bombed us with Amn. army foood supplies & soldiers clothing until we could be repatriated / G. Holder.
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Estimated date
August-September 1945
Black and white photograph