University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Hi-s023. Photograph by Lai Fong (Afong Studio), taken at the British Legation, Peking (Beijing). This image is reproduced in Terry Bennett's 'Chinese Photographers 1844-1879' (page 57) and captioned: "British Minister Sir Thomas Wade and legation staff, Peking, 1879". Lai Fong visited Peking in 1879, taking pictures of foreign diplomats there (see page 53, ibid). Sir Thomas Francis Wade is standing second from the left. Sitting, left to right: An unidentified man, Walter Hillier, an unidentified man, an unidentified man, Dr Stephen Wootton Bushell, Albert Pirkis. Sir Thomas Francis Wade (1818 – 1895), was a British diplomat and sinologist who produced a syllabary in 1859 that was later amended, extended and converted into the Wade-Giles Romanization for Mandarin Chinese by Herbert Giles in 1892. Albert Pirkis was an accountant in the Legation.

Black and white photograph