University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: JC-s267. Printed on the back of the post card: Collection Liou-Seu. 'Collection Liou-Seu' was the name of a publisher of post cards, based in Tianjin. Given the pose, the woman was most likely a courtesan. Message on the (unposted) post card: "Nov 1921 / Tientsin China / Note the small feet! I measured one a while ago and found it 2 ½ inches from toe to heel. They are contortioned when they are young by bandaging. This is supposed to be a great asset in their chance for marriage and raises them up the social ladder. They never walk out of doors much. If so they are carried in chairs. Cheerio J.D.G.".

Caption on photograph
14. - CITÉ. - Chinoise au repos / CITY. - Chinese woman at rest

Estimated date
Black and white photograph