University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Wr-s019. C = Charles (i.e. the caption was written by Charles W. Wheeler and signed by him). Signs on the shop on the left, on each of the two hanging signs from top to bottom and on the white banner: 張垣豐布號 (Zhang Yuanfeng bu hao), which is possibly Zhang Yuanfeng clothes shop. The sign on the balcony on the right includes this character: 樓 lou (meaning, storied building). This photograph is reproduced on page 20 of Shanghai - A Century of Change in Photographs 1843-1949 by Lynn Pan and the captioned: "Pedestrian and vehicular traffic near a junction between the Old Chinese City and the French Concession". In Graham Earnshaw's Tales of Old Shanghai, the junction is identified as Renmin Lu and Jinlishui Lu - i.e. Boulevard (or Avenue) des Deux Republics and a road near Rue Montauban. Part of the bridge leading to the New North Gate can be seen in the foreground.

Caption on photograph
Shanghai 6/9/10 This is winter time dress etc. What do you think of 'em / C.

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Black and white photograph