University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Yo-s29. Mixed Court Riot, Shanghai, 18th December 1905. Apparently, this is the body of one of the looters or rioters, with his head shot away, said to have been left as a warning to others all day, and then removed at night. The corpse lies on the threshold of the looted International Cycle Company's shop. This shop premises is numbered 194. On the far left, one civilian points at the corpse/shop, while another civilian looks the other way. Armed Shanghai Volunteer Corps (SVC) men walk along the street. See an image of the shop’s entire façade, reproduced in Shanghai Century by Arthur Hacker (Wattis Fine Art, Hong Kong, 2005) on page 72. See Pe01-033 (another photograph of this corpse).

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December 1905
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