Lunch party given by Wei Guangdao, on the Marble Boat, Nanjing

Lunch party given by Wei Guangdao, on the Marble Boat, Nanjing


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Hi-s073. The Viceroy, Wei Guangdao, is prominently in the centre at the front, with a fan. From left to right: Wang, Foreign Office Deputy; Manchu Colonel; Carvill, Acting British Consul; Prefect; Gebsattel, German Consul; Grain Commissioner; Tartar General; Wei Guangdao (Wei Kuang tao), Viceroy; Huang, Provisional Treasurer; Hsu, Superintendent of Customs; Harry Hillier, Commissioner of Customs; Omano, Japanese Consul; Tsun, Imperial Silk Factories; Yang, Chinese General; Dr Kord, German Interpreter; Ryashita, Japanese Postmaster; Liao, Foreign Office Interpreter; German Interpreter. The Marble Boat is in the Xu Garden (West Garden), Presidential Palace, Nanjing (Nanking) - and it exists today with a different wooden superstructure. See Hi-s072.

Caption in album or on mount

Lunch party given by The Viceroy of the Two Kiang, Wei-Kuang-tao, on the birthday of the Emperor of China / 18th August 1903. / German Interpreter / Liao. Foreign Office Interp[reter] / Ryashita. Japanese Postma[ster]; Dr Kord. German Interpreter / Yang. Chinese General / Tsun. Imperial Silk Factories. / Omano. Japanese Consul. / Hillier. Commissioner of Customs / Hsu. Superintendent of Customs / Huang. Provisional Treasurer. / Wei Kwang tao. Viceroy. / Tartar General / Grain Commissioner / Gebsattel. German Consul. / Prefect / Carvill. Acting British Consul / Manchu Colonel. / Wang. Foreign Office Deputy..




Tuesday 18 August 1903




Black and white photograph

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