Raquet and fives courts, theatre, and cemetery, Fuzhou

Raquet and fives courts, theatre, and cemetery, Fuzhou


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Os01-001. Photo from an album (UoB reference Os01) kept in the School of Oriental and African Studies Archives, London (SOAS reference MS 380 876/1). The raquet court is in on the left; the fives court is on the right. The entrance to the 'Theatre Royal' is on the far left. A Chinese cemetery in the foreground. 'Fives' is a game for two or four players, in which a ball is struck by hand in a padded glove against the walls of the (often indoor) court. Raquets or rackets is an indoor game similar to squash. See Fr01-041 and Fr01-155.

Caption in album or on mount

Raquet and Fives Courts Foochow Theatre Royal Raquet Court Fives Court



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Black and white photograph


Archives & Special Collections, SOAS Library, University of London

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