University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Bo02-001. The caption (which is "To Mrs John Truelson  As a token of friendship from") on the initial page in this album (Bo02), is followed enigmatically by a studio portrait (Bo02-001) of a European officer in uniform (but without any mention of his name!).  Terry Bennett who has studied photographs of Watson in the Edward Bangs Drew collection at Harvard University, and elsewhere, has identified the European officer.  He is Major J.C. Watson (c.1834-1908), an Australian officer in the Anglo-Chinese Artillery and later Superintendent of Police at Ningpo (Ningbo).  Watson was also an amateur photographer.  This portrait may have been taken with his camera kit, under his supervision.  See Hv37-11.

Caption on mount
To Mrs John Truelson   As a token of friendship from
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