University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: GA01-044.  Second part of a four part panoramic photograph by Felice Beato. The panorama was taken from the platform above a gun embrasure, looking east and south across the devastated interior of the inner (or upper) North Taku Fort.  The outer North Taku Fort is visible to the immediate right of the cavalier in part 3, while the outer South Taku Fort is seen across the Pei Ho River in part 4.  See "Of Battle and Beauty - Felice Beato's Photographs of China" by David Harris (Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 1999) - Catalogue 20.  See GA01-043GA01-045 and GA01-046.

Caption on mount
Panoramic View of the Interior of Upper North Taku Fort taken shortly after its capture. On the Cavalier float the 67th Color (right staff). French on the left. Underneath - the debris of the powder magazine. In the back-ground is the Lower North Fort with its two cavaliers which assisted in the defence of the former. Across the river in the back-ground is the Lower South Fort (with 3 Cavaliers) stormed by Admiral Hope in 1859 - & in the foreground is the Upper South Fort, which fired upon the Allies while storming the North Fort, August 21st 1860. British steamers on the river.
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August 1860
284mm x 232mm
Black and white photograph