University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Sw01-009. G W Swire referenced each negative in this album with the prefix A written in white ink. This negative is referenced A5. The album itself has also been archived at some stage with the reference P2/II. The pioneering CNCo beancaker s.s. Newchwang (1877-1912) was built by Scott and Co and launched in 1877. Newchwang I was sold in 1912 to Woo Yik s.s. Co., Macau and renamed ‘Changva’. The ship was broken up in Shanghai in 1926. Beancake was soya pulp, pressed into cakes and used as fertiliser to grow fruit and vegetables. See Mx01-175.

Caption on mount
Album cover: China Northern Ports B&S (Butterfield & Swire) Album index: Folio (Sleeve) 5, two negatives: Shansi & Newchwang classes
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