Kennedy Town (堅尼地城) and Sulphur Channel (硫磺海峽), Hong Kong

Kennedy Town (堅尼地城) and Sulphur Channel (硫磺海峽), Hong Kong


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Bk09-03. Photograph taken from the recreation ground of Hong Kong University of the western entrance to Victoria Harbour. In the foreground is Kennedy Town (堅尼地城). The large buildings in the far centre are the infectious diseases hospital. On the left is an abattoir, and sheep, pig and cattle depots. Towards the right, between Forbes Street and Victoria Road, are rope and glass factories. The islands are, from near to far: Little Green Island (小青洲), Green Island (青洲), Kau Yi Chau (交椅洲) and Lantau Island (大嶼山). Sulphur Channel was a small stretch of water between Green Island and Hong Kong Island. The reason it was so named very likely was from the arsenal on the island, which gave off a strong sulphur smell from the black powder of that time. Source: ‘Picturesque Hong Kong’ (Ye Olde Printerie Ltd., Hong Kong), c.1925. See Photograph by Denis H. Hazell. See Os05-156.

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Sulphur Channel.


Hong Kong

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Hazell, Denis H.




Black and white photograph

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