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Images from books Collection

This collection consists of selected images copied from out-of-copyright books.

HPC ref Bk01: Chance & Change in China by A. S. Roe (Heinemann, 1920). 3 images.

HPC ref Bk02: Collins’ Wide World Geography Reader. Book IV. Asia (William Collins, c.1905). 5 images.

HPC ref Bk03: Round the World from London Bridge to Charing Cross via Yokohama and Chicago (George Newnes, 1895). 8 images.

HPC ref Bk04: The Pageant of Peking by Donald Mennie (A.S.Watson and Co., 1920). 66 images.

HPC ref Bk05: Shanghai (Max Nössler & Co., c.1907). 16 images.

HPC ref Bk06: The Story of Fish Street Church, Hull by Rev C. E. Darwent (William Andrews, 1899). 2 images.

HPC ref Bk07: Queen Mary’s Needlework Guild – Its Work During the Great War (St James Palace, 1914-1919).  4 images.

HPC ref Bk08: The Illustrated War News (12 April 1916). 1 image.

HPC ref Bk09: Picturesque Hong Kong (Ye Olde Printerie Ltd., Hong Kong, c.1925). 31 images.

HPC ref Bk10: John Kenneth MacKenzie – Medical Missionary to China by Mrs Bryson (Hodder & Stoughton, 1891). 1 image.

HPC ref Bk11: The Life of Sir Harry Parkes K.C.B., C.C.M.G. by Stanley Lane-Poole (Macmillan, 1894). 1 image.

HPC ref Bk12: Le Panorama, Exposition Universelle, 1900, edited by Ludovic Baschet (Librairie D'Art, Paris, 1900). 1 image.

HPC ref Bk13: Illustrated London News (London, various dates). 4 images.