Section 8 of a panoramic view of the Huangpu River, Shanghai

Section 8 of a panoramic view of the Huangpu River, Shanghai


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: DH-s108. Part of a rolled up "joiner" panoramic view of the Huangpu River and Bund, Shanghai, made from 8 prints joined together. See DH-s511, DH-s101, DH-s102, DH-s103, DH-s104, DH-s105, DH-s106 and DH-s107. DH-s108 shows Pootung (Pudong) in the foreground, including the Seaman's Chapel. Two British steamers are shown in the distance in DH-s108. The markings and layout of the one berthed at the left with a broader funnel, suggest it is a vessel of the China Mutual S.N. Co. The appearance is generally consistent with OOPACK (1883), NING CHOW (1884), KAISOW (1885) and MOYUNE (1886). The layout of the vessel anchored midstream, doubtless awaiting a berth, with its narrower funnel placed further aft, suggests it is a ship of the rival Blue Funnel Line (A. Holt & Co.). For details from the panoramic view, see DH-s109, DH-s110, DH-s111, DH-s112, DH-s113, DH-s114, DH-s115, DH-s116, DH-s117, DH-s118, DH-s119, DH-s120, DH-s121, DH-s122, DH-s123, DH-s124, DH-s125, DH-s126, DH-s127, DH-s128, DH-s129, and DH-s130.




March 1891


Kung Tai (Gong Tai)




Black and white photograph

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