University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: JS-s038.  Photograph taken at the official surrender of the Japanese Armies of 47 Divisions in China, to the Chinese and representatives of the allied forces, in the Forbidden City, Peking (Beijing), on 10 October 1945.  John E. Stanfield, then a Major in the Royal Signals, Special Operations Executive, Force 136, witnessed the occasion, and signed the surrender documents as the representative of the British Army. A copy of this print in the Stanfield Family Collection is captioned: "GENERAL SUN LIEN CHUNG, CHINESE WAR ZONE COMMANDER, RECEIVES THE SURRENDER IN FRONT OF THE GRAND CORONATION PALACE , PEKING."  See JS-s013, JS-s035, JS-s118, JS-s119JS03-40, JS03-42, JS03-43, JS03-44, JS03-45, JS03-46, JS03-47, JS03-48, JS03-49, JS04-048, JS04-049, JS04-050, JS04-052, JS04-055, JS04-056, JS04-057, JS04-059, JS04-060, JS04-062, JS04-063.

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