University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Sw06-094. GW Swire referenced each negative in this album with the prefix F written in Indian ink. This negative is referenced F56. The album itself has also been archived at some stage with the reference P1/VIII. The three river steamers – looking from the front to back in this photograph - are LUNG MOW, WANHSIEN and SHASI. LUNG MOW (here in the colours of Mackenzie & Co.), was built in 1920, and later sold to the China Navigation Company and renamed WANLIU). WANHSIEN was completed in 1922.  SHASI was built for C.N. Co in 1910. LUNG MOW and WANHSIEN were designed to operate to Chongqing, but SHASI was only a Middle River steamer. SHASI is in virtually the same location in Sw22-145. WANLIU (this time painted in CNC colours) and WANHSIEN also appear together towards the left of Pa01-43.

Caption on mount
Album index: Folio (Sleeve) 56, two negatives: Ichang
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