S.S. Shutung and Shutung Flat on the Upper Yangtze River

S.S. Shutung and Shutung Flat on the Upper Yangtze River


Palmer, Attwell




University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Pa01-10. The 'Shu-Tung' ('Shutung' or 'Shu Tung'), built by Messrs. Thorneycroft and Co. in Britain in 1910, was a stalwart Upper Yangtze steamer, owned by the Szechuan Steam Navigation Co. The 'Flat' carried the passengers and cargo and was usually towed alongside the 'Shutung'. In turbulant waters or when the current was too strong, the 'Flat' was winched up. The 'Shu-Tung' is in the foreground and the 'Shu-Tung Flat' is behind it. In this photograph, the vessel appears to be steaming normally in the left-stream in one of the gorges. Padding (an old tyre?) can be seen attached to the bows of the 'Shu-Tung', as a precautionary protection, in case the current should unexpectedly push them against a rock, as occasionally happened. People are watching from the river bank. The writing on the superstructure says "Not carrying military personnel" and "Not carrying munitions." This is in the hope that Szechuen (Sichuan) warlords would not try to stop the vessel to inspect it. See also Sw06-156.

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S.S. Shu Tung

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