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Banister Family Collection

The Rt. Revd. William Banister, DD (1855-1928) served with the Church Missionary Society in Fujian province. Banister later became the Archdeacon of Hong Kong, and from 1908 until his retirement in 1923, he was Bishop of Kwangsi-Hunan. The Banister Family Collection includes photographs once owned by William Banister's son-in-law, Norman Lockhart Smith (1887-1968). Lockhart Smith was a colonial official in Hong Kong, and in 1936-41, served as Colonial Secretary. The photographs date from the 1890s to the 1920s. 658 images from seven albums (HPC refs: Ba01, Ba02, Ba03, Ba04, Ba05, Ba06, and Ba07), and loose prints (HPC ref: Ba-s).